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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Shut the fuck up about vaccinations. Not everyone has to have them, not everyone believes in them. Uneducated fuck.
stfangofboredom stfangofboredom Said:












You know, my homie and secret best friend Neil deGrasse Tyson said it best….


This isn’t an issue of belief or should even be up for discussion. It’s not a debate- like gravity or that the Earth revolves around the Sun isn’t up for debate. It’s a fact, whether or not you like it. Sorry bro.

And any ‘educated fuck’ knows that vaccines are necessary and everyone who can have them should have them.

Have a lovely day, sugar. 

Actually there’s a lot of research and knowledge supporting the fact that vaccines are NOT necessary. It is simply another thing that today’s health system is super big on, just like hospital births and c-sections. And a lot of people actually have long term and short term complications from getting vaccines. Ahem.

Dang guys, you thought I didn’t check my activity log every now and then? Because I knew shit like this would pop up. And, I just finished my block exam and am feeling fiesty.

Actually you’re wrong. That ‘research’ is either completely fabricated OR grossly misinterprets the data OR uses shitty research techniques to get the data they want- all which are grossly unethical, in case you’re curious. I’ve got slides from a recent lecture on vaccines (aka why I am so fired up about this nonsense). You can check out the citations on each slide if you don’t believe me… something unsurprisingly missing from literally every anti-vaccine comment I’ve gotten and website that I have visited. Show me your sources, honey, and if you do, I will blow them out of the water because not a single one stands up to current scientific research standards.

There are however tomes and tomes of research for the safety end efficacy of vaccines. Don’t believe me? Look at a simple google scholar search.

So! Here we go! 



Holy shit, it’s almost like vaccines SAVE SOCIETY MONEY. In fact, they give money back to society, along with the other programs indicated by red arrows. Which would be really weird for something that is just a healthcare fad like c-sections and hospital births.

And most people have no complications for getting vaccines, and if they do, most of them are short term. In fact, it is devilishly hard to prove an adverse effect was because of a vaccine. Why? Because it’s how we’re wired. We falsely see connections and causes where there are none (called a type 1 error; you are rejecting a true null hypothesis). People are more likely to attribute an adverse health event to a shot- even if that shot is the placebo and the numbers are just the background rate for whatever health event in the population.


And here is a graph showing the sample sizes necessary to prove that an adverse event is caused or related to a vaccine.


You know what, it was a really good lecture and I’m going to share more more relevant slides in case any one else feels like contradicting me.

These slides show the public health impact of vaccines. Note the differences between the historical peak and post-vaccine era deaths columns. Because saving literally thousands of lives is totally a conspiracy you should beware of.



And this is why herd immunity is so important! See how high it has to be for measles? Guess what we’re seeing outbreaks of thanks to anti-vaxxers? Don’t forget that one of the deadly complications of measles is SSPE.


Look how Hepatitis A infections in older adults when down after kids started getting immunized. Shocking! Could vaccines be… good for …. everyone????



Anti-vaxxers are a danger to the world and we need to stop them tbh






In my opinion, refusing to vaccinate a child who can be vaccinated is tantamount to medical neglect. I am 100% done with being nice to anti-vaxxers. We need to bring back exiling people. Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy are the first to go.

Retweet because AGREED.


Saw this circling through my dash again. 


"You know another really good business? Teeny, tiny baby coffins. You can get ‘em in frog green, fire-engine red— really. The antibodies in yummy Mummy only protect the kid for six months, which is why these companies think they can gouge you. They think that you’ll spend whatever they ask to keep your kid alive. Want to change things? Prove ‘em wrong. Few hundred parents like you decide they’d rather let their kid die than cough up 40 bucks for a vaccination, believe me, prices will drop really fast."  Dr. Gregory House



I look like an extremely professional fashionable woman in an Abaya. It probably took me AGES to look this professional right?image

WRONG. I’m actually wearing my onesie underneath it and you will NEVER KNOW MWAHAHAHA


Wanna know another secret? Even though i LOOK like I’m paying attention to whatever nonsense you are saying…..






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Dean + being adorable

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Reblog every wednesday.
It wednesday We all know what that means


Reblog every wednesday.

It wednesday We all know what that means

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Imagine this:
Instead of waiting in her tower, Rapunzel slices off her long, golden hair with a carving knife, and then uses it to climb down to freedom.
Just as she’s about to take the poison apple, Snow White sees the familiar wicked glow in the old lady’s eyes, and slashes the evil queen’s throat with a pair of sewing scissors.
Cinderella refuses everything but the glass slippers from her fairy godmother, crushes her stepmother’s windpipe under her heel, and the Prince falls madly in love with the mysterious girl who dons rags and blood-stained slippers.

Imagine this:
Persephone goes adventuring with weapons hidden under her dress.
Persephone climbs into the gaping chasm.
Or, Persephone uses her hands to carve a hole down to hell.
In none of these versions is Persephone’s body violated unless she asks Hades to hold her down with his horse-whips.
Not once does she hold out on eating the pomegranate, instead biting into it eagerly and relishing the juice running down her chin, staining it red.
In some of the stories, Hades never appears and Persephone rules the underworld with a crown of her own making.
In all of them, it is widely known that the name Persephone means Bringer of Destruction.

Imagine this:
Red Riding Hood marches from her grandmother’s house with a bloody wolf pelt.
Medusa rights the wrongs that have been done to her.
Eurydice breaks every muscle in her arms climbing out of the land of the dead.

Imagine this:
Girls are allowed to think dark thoughts, and be dark things.

Imagine this:
Instead of the dragon, it’s the princess with claws and fiery breath
who smashes her way from the confines of her castle
and swallows men whole.

'Reinventing Rescuing,' theappleppielifestyle. (via theappleppielifestyle)

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This week may be the last week I have a job. Please take a moment to read this entire post, if you have the time and energy, and at least sign the petition in the link above. It would mean an awful lot, getting a buncha signatures in.

Some serious problems have been going down in the uppermost managements of my company lately. That company is Market Basket, previously owned by Arthur T. Demoulas. A month ago, Arty T. and a few key veteran board members were fired by his greedy cousin, Arthur S. Demoulas and the new Board Of Directors, so they could have full control over the company.

Now, we are rallying up and speaking out. Tumblr, we need all the help you can offer to us.

This week, we are trying to get Arthur T. Demoulas put back in office of our company. For years, he has done nothing but good for the company. He has made it grow exponentially, always put customers first, and treated us employees well with promised wage increases the longer we work, annual bonuses around March and Christmas, and our profit sharing program. He’s also used all the money in his power to help communities for important projects. More than once he’s helped communities to flourish and benefit because of the stores and has also protected lands for people who would otherwise be disturbed by new unnecessary developments.

Arthur S. Demoulas has outright said that he will run the company ‘as it should be’- a business. Which of course means he won’t give a flying fuck about communities, he’s said that he will get rid of profit sharing, chances are he will cut back on many of our hours, and higher prices at the store will become a thing so that he and a few other share holders can put more money in his pocket. He has not been with this company long at all- he has been off to the side, gaining money on his share of private stocks he has in the company for a long while, and only recently managed to weasel his way in with the help of the new Board of Directors.

Speaking of the new BOD, it’s important to note that one of them, James Gooch, is a former Radio Shack executive. Let’s please keep notice that Radio Shack is very close to bankruptcy. So this is the kinda person that’s running our company right now, and making our decisions.

Arty T. was axed about a month ago. This spurred action in our company. 6 important figures resigned when he was fired. And two weeks ago, the entirety of upper management (warehouse and main office) threatened to walk out by 4:30 PM on Thursday if he wasn’t reinstated. The BOD did not comply, and as such, everyone took vacation time and sick pay to collectively leave. Without warehouse, we aren’t getting trucks in. Without trucks, we’re not getting product in. Without product coming in, our shelves are starting to look empty. The perishable departments are near cleaned out at this point of one of our biggest stores in Londonderry, store #42.

While they were taking vacation time to try to rally about this, 8 important employees in upper management were outright fired by mail courier Sunday. Collectively between the 8 that were fired, they had 280 years of experience in the company, with clean slates on being good to the company in the past. This effort comes to try and shut them up, to stop the protests, but in all honesty, it’s something spurring us to rebel more. On top of that- and this I unfortunately only have spoken word from other employees- the board hired and is trying to pay truck drivers $1,000 for each delivery they successfully make to the store. I was personally outside yesterday when we saw a wayward Market Basket truck attempting to turn in at the wrong area, to try and find where to go to try to make the delivery. I laughed my ass off as I watched the poor driver being forced to turn around and leave; someone had stuck Save Market Basket signs onto the back of the truck, without the truck driver’s noticing.

All 71 of our stores are rallying. All of us are doing our part to try and get Arty T. back where he belongs- as complete owner and CEO of our company, where he can do the most good. The shelves are bare, and we are asking shoppers to stop shopping there for one week. The only way to get to the board and Arthur S. is through their wallets. If we do enough damage, show how badly we do not want Arthur S. as our CEO and how badly things have gone under his name, we may have the government on our side if this has to go to court. As it stands, everyone in the stores minus the Store Directors themselves- even though they’re doing their part as well to help with these protests, and organize them- are protected by law to protest for better working conditions.

And that part about not having a job? Well, this is straight from our store director, unconfirmed at this time but plausible and very much believeable.- Arthur S., if he has his way with the company, would fire any part time employee to cut back on absolutely all hours due to the loss of profit. All of front end in #42 would be gone- including me. Only the full time employees would be left to take care of the store while it is bare bones and till it can get back up on its feet, which I’m assuming would not happen due to how much customers are behind this. So do I have another choice in the matter? Not really. It’s either this, or try and find a job at another business nearby. And pay more for groceries at Hannafords or Shaws, both of which are ridiculously pricey. We’re not even going to talk about Walmart.

So, I ask you this, one who has read all this way. Signal boost this. Get this out on a national, no, international level. Talk about this. Reblog this post. Tell your friends to reblog this post. You hate capitalism? You hate greed? Hate how the little guys like us always suffer under the big thumb of the greedy CEOs? Reblog this post. Consider signing the petition. We met our goal within one day for the petition. If you’re in the New England area, don’t shop at Market Basket for one week, if you’re financially able to. Tell everyone you know not to as well. (Chances are we won’t have what you need, anyways.) Tweet your support under the #marketbasket and #savemarketbasket tags. Talk about it on Facebook. Do whatever you can to get word out.

We have a chance to do something astronomical in this day and age- we have a chance to defy greed, to oust a very powerful CEO we are not happy with. Even several Senators are behind this- state senators! We have a good chance to fight back. But we need your help to make it possible. Please, please at the very least, signal boost the ever living DAYLIGHTS out of this post. I wish for it to have hundreds, thousands of notes here on Tumblr. The more, the better. Please signal boost, please sign. This is our last chance to make an impact on so so many important communities in Mass, NH and Maine.


http://supermarketnews.com/retail-financial/breaking-demoulas-president-ousted-board Arty T. Fired
http://supermarketnews.com/demoulas-market-basket-2014 Nationwide Retailers and Wholesalers data for 2014, showing how well we did. Note the amount of stores open between 2014 and 2013.
Nationwide Retailers and Wholesalers data for 2013, showing how well we did. Note the amount of stores open between 2014 and 2013.
Arthur S./BOD, on getting rid of profit sharing
http://supermarketnews.com/retail-financial/industry-vets-thornton-gooch-succeed-demoulas Gooch being former CEO of Radio Shack
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RadioShack A brief history of what’s been going down at Radio Shack, which is during the timeframe Gooch was around. Google also brings up plenty of sources.
http://www.nlrb.gov/rights-we-protect/protected-concerted-activity Concerning our legal rights to rally against poor work conditions; Arthur S. threatens to take a lot of good things away from us, including profit sharing.
http://wearemarketbasket.com/guest-post-senator-barry-finegold/ Senator Barry Finegold started our petition. A few other Senators spoke at the Rally yesterday as well; it should be on many local news programs.

I only brought up the most noteworthy of sources; all the news stations locally are covering this, and it’s in a lot of major news papers around the Boston area as well, if you wish to hear more on the matter.

Keep up with the news on wearemarketbasket.com if you’re interested on seeing how things are turning out!


There is a Market Basket in my hometown which many people rely on for their jobs as well as for affordable groceries. We need the store that we’ve come to know and love, the one that takes care of its customers and employees.

Not to mention I stand by anyone who wants to take a stand against corporate greed. Arty T. sounds like the kind of man that should be running a business, someone who hasn’t forgotten that employees and customers are more than just money-making tools, but people. And that you make the most profit when you treat those two groups well.

Market Basket has become an important piece of my community. It’s where many of my friends got their first jobs and how many parents I know support their children. It’s how my Gram used to shop when money was tight and she needed good food on a social security budget. It’s the store I’ve relied on when I need a hard-to-find ingredient without having to drive out of town or shell out a big chunk of my paycheck. It’s the store I bring my roommate’s daughter to because they have a section where she can buy candy for five cents a piece.

Let’s put this store and, in turn, my community and the other communities effected by this, back on track.

Bring back Artie T.

My armor is tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws are spears, the shock of my tail is a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath…death!

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I’m writing a modern version of Romeo and Juliet for english class and I’m making them dumb teenagers like they should be and I thought tumblr might appreciate some excerpts from my planning document




Oh yeah and romeo’s going to be sulking about rosaline friendzoning him at the start

I’m really trying to emphasise the ‘stupid kids’ thing here

Six people are dead

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Maximum Ride fanart by me.

You can find them in my deviantart: http://pinkuken.deviantart.com/ Please do NOT repost to any other side without permission!


The Max card with text added, and the Hermione card with the text switched around, because I liked it sideways better.

This is the first in a series of playing cards I hope to complete, featuring some of my favorite female characters (whether literal or figurative Lady Knights). I wanted to make up my own suits for the purpose, so they’re as you see above, with “Swords” being fighters, “Spells” being magic users, “Crowns” being wielders of charisma/social power, and “Wild” (which I may try to think of a better name for) being earth/animal/hunter abilities. There’s a lot of overlap, and the “wild” category is pretty varied, but it was a lot of fun choosing them! (Though hard as well. I had to restrict myself to one per fandom.)

In addition, The categories will still include Queens and Aces, but also “Knights” rather than kings, and “Princesses” rather than jacks.