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Though a wide variety of lovely fandoms parade their way across my blog, the main posts you will see here will reference Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Glee, Sherlock, The Avengers, Starkid, Supernatural, The Mortal Instruments, and, of course, my fandom home, Maximum Ride.
This is also the blog a bisexual feminist and non-denominational renegade Christian, so be prepared to be educated. :P
I'm an Early Childhood Education/Creative Writing dual major who will sometimes use this blog to display my writing as well as my life and times with my live-in protege, Zia, age 8, the sassiest little ball of childhood wonder you will ever meet.
Oh, and if a little black-winged sarcastic bird kid pops in, that;s just Fang. Personal assistant/slave. Don't mind him. He only bites on Thursdays.

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What does the Weeping Angel say?



The original is good, the comment is STUNNING. Love it!

So, basically, this is a symbolic representation of internalized misogyny:



The original is good, the comment is STUNNING. Love it!

So, basically, this is a symbolic representation of internalized misogyny:

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You just know nobody is reblogging this for the dog

what dog?

im asexual, im actually here for the doggie

Why choose between man and dog, anyway? Why not both?

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Playboy’s catcall flowchart.  

I’m reblogging Playboy. Somebody stop me. 

When PLAYBOY tells you it’s not ok to catcall. That’s when most guys will panic. Because most people equate Playboy with sex and all manners of explicit behavior but they forget to realize that Playboy is a very consent conscious and sex positive company as well. This is the moment when I say, “Dudes, listen to playboy.”

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Turns out the whole “Good Cop, Bad Cop” routine is actually a thing.

My friend and I just got held up by two officers. We were hanging out in the neighborhood I grew up in, taking a walk and thinking about all the stuff we used to do. Sat down at a bench in front of the hardware store, a place we used to come and sit at on our late night walks all the time. It’s owned by my church choir director and her family. I know them.

When we get up to leave, we get stopped by two cops. One of them is pretty nice, just explaining to us that being here is considered trespassing so we shouldn’t, and giving us a chance to explain ourselves.

The other guy is a DICK. Demanding, loud, angry, accusing. He goes to check the bushes and comes back claiming he saw someone else hiding there. He keeps demanding to know who else is with us. What we’re REALLY doing here. Accuses us of lying about how long we’ve been there. He has us convinced we’re going to be calling our loved ones for bail.

Then he lets us go with a warning.

Oh, and when my friend asks about the guy he saw hiding in the bushes, wanting to know if he’s still there, he assures her he’s not. …How does he know that? Why wasn’t the supposed other guy pursued?

I’m just glad to be home.

God, I hope the hardware store doesn’t get robbed tonight or something. They have my information. Last thing I need is for the place to be broken into and for me to be one of the last people seen at the scene of the crime.

…On the bright side, I don’t see the family that owns the place pressing charges. They’ve sorta known me since I was little. But it would make things rather inconvenient to get arrested.

Zia at Canobie Lake Park. For some reason, I really love this pic.
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Boobs make good cat pillows.